Going back to Coming Home

Coming Home has come home to Holly

Picking a Favourite

For writers, books are like children – it’s impossible to have a favourite.

When my kids ask who my favourite child is, I always tell them I love them equally and for different reasons.

I feel the same way about the books I’ve written. I love Unexpecting because it was my first published and because of the secondary characters, Cooper and Emma and Brit. I love Absinthe because of the friendship of the women, and the twist at the end (which was fun to write!) I love Charlotte because I found I love writing action sequences, and I love Dragon for my kids.



I love Coming Home because…

And there lies the problem. Coming Home is the black sheep of my book family. I love it but…

…it has issues.

The History

Coming Home was published in 2013, by Etopia Press. The first time one of my books had been sold to a publisher, which helped validate my new attempt at a writing career. I loved the story – five sisters who grew up in a tiny little town in Northern Ontario; two of which loved each other but really never got along.

I still love the story. I love the characters and the interactions and the fight scene between… (oops, spoiler!)

I dedicated the book to my sister, because after she left a tumultuous marriage, I felt like I was getting my sister back in my life. Not only getting my sister back, but finding a new friend. Coming Home has a lot of personal meaning for me and I was ecstatic when I sold it to Etopia.

Last year, I starting working on finding my brand and all those fun marketing things that authors now need to deal with. I had covers re-did, changed some things around; I’m an independent author/publisher now, so I can do that! 🙂 I looked at Coming Home.

I couldn’t do a thing with it. I couldn’t change the description on-line, drop the price for a sale, change the cover (which doesn’t really fit with my others). My hands were tied, which wasn’t a nice feeling after doing everything myself for the last 4 years! So I started wondering what I could do. Coming Home never really sold well for Etopia. It’s mainly a romance publisher, and my book isn’t a romance. Plus, there was the edit problem when it first came out…

I’m not about to trash Etopia because they are lovely people. But let’s just say I was never really happy with the final version of the book. 

And now…

Long story short, I got the rights for Coming Home back from the publisher! And I’m about to re-release it into the world, under my Three Birds Press imprint.

New cover – same title

Same story – complete overhaul

I wrote Coming Home at the beginning of my career and I have to admit, I’m a MUCH better writer now! I’m almost finished the revisions – I’ve changed the POV from first person, to third, which is a bit of an undertaking. With critique partners now. Sending it to the editor next week. Cover reveal next week, and pre-order date.

I can’t say how much I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!

It’s like the first time, all over again. It’s getting excited about a scene or a line of dialogue in the middle of the night, rushing to wake up to begin working on it. I can’t wait for people to read it! I’ll have to do a giveaway. In fact, I’m so happy with my changes that I want to offer a copy (paperback or ebook) to anyone who read the other version, just so they can see how much better it is! (Corinne, are you out there?)

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. This is why my blog has been neglected. This is why I had to push off any thoughts of a book tour for The Best Worst First Date because it’s not ready! This is why my daughter is mad at me because I won’t work on her Dragon book! Coming Home has consumed me. I planned for a week of quick edits, a read-through by one of my crit partners which has now turned into two months and counting of daily re-writes of chapters. Cutting – I’ve cut so much! But it’s so much better for it.

I hope I’ve gotten you excited about it, too. Because you’ll be able to read it soon! 🙂


I’m trying on my publisher hat this week…

Holly Kerr – publisher?

I’m giving it a try!

I started my own imprint in January – Three Birds Press – and while I’ve had the idea of publishing books other than my own, the idea has been lounging in the far, far, back reaches in my brain. Might be fun someday, but I’ve got enough of my own ideas to put on paper to publish others at this time.

But when hubby told me he had come up with the idea for a book, I couldn’t say no.

Hubby is a real estate broker who focuses on accessible real estate. He works with those who have mobility challenges, from disabilities or age or any reason and he’s come up with a series of articles to help others in their challenge to create a barrier free home.

I’ve spent most of the week working with him on it. We’ve been married 17 years and this is one of few times we’ve worked together on anything and so far, so good!

Dragon_printHere’s what it looks like so far. I can’t take credit for the cover or the writing – I’m just there to help get it out to the public!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!


#weekendcoffeeshare – What happened to January?!?

tea#weekendcoffeeshare – What happened to January?!?

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster. Imagine you were sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) with friends. It’s nice to chat!

If we were meeting for coffee (tea for me) today, you might be grumbling a little about the early hour. Today is shaping up to be another busy day and I wanted to make sure I fit  in the time to sit with you before the day gets away from me. I’m up early today – too early for a Saturday! Luckily last night was an early bedtime, so I’m well rested. Yesterday, hubby was up reaallly early to watch the Milos/Andy Murray semi-finals in the Australian Open. He’s a big tennis fan and the last thing I said as he left the bedroom at 4:30am yesterday morning was to please try not to yell or cheer while he’s watching because kids were still sleeping!

BTW Milos lost 🙁 but hubby managed to be very quiet while watching the match.

I didn’t get up to watch with him because I’m not that big of a tennis fan and because I was hoping for a few extra hours of sleep. I had been awake during the night again and saw many hours of the clock turn. Why can’t I sleep, you ask? Fortunately, it’s not the common problem of lying awake worrying about things but it is very annoying. I start thinking about my writing projects; planning scenes, thinking about characters, coming up with dialogue. And then I can’t stop. The middle of the night is NOT the time for this because unless I write it down, I’m probably not going to remember the awesome conversation so-and-so had with the bad guy. Turning my brain off has always been a problem for me, and when I’m excited about something, it only makes it worse. I guess I should be happy it’s not stress that’s keeping me awake.

So when hubby suggested an early night last night, I was definitely up for it…which leads to the very early morning. Just out of curiosity – if you have a spouse or a partner, do you go to bed at the same time? Are one of you an early bird (like me) and need an early bedtime to get the full – how many hours are adults supposed to get? I don’t think I get a full eight hours a night! Are the late-night talk shows mandatory for one of you? Just wondering?

Back to the title of my post today – where did January go? This month seemed to fly by. Weatherwise, it hasn’t been a typical January here in Toronto. There’s snow, but not much and we haven’t experienced the extreme cold that we’ve had in other years. I’m not complaining about that though!! Workwise, it’s been a month of playing catch-up and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. I took the month off from writing for the book releases, working on promotional and marketing, getting things organized, updating blogs (what do you think of the new look?) and other busy work. I’m proud to report I’ve released three books this month – sorry, I should say, Three Birds Press is proud to have three new releases this month. I finally set up my own imprint so now I’m an indie author with an imprint. I set up the site this week. Three Birds Press.

me2Wondering where the name came from? I have three kids. Plus I have a tattoo of three birds on my shoulder, so the name fits!

Anyway, back to my shameless self-promotion – I released my kids book this week The Dragon Under the Mountain which I wrote as a Christmas present for the kids. It’s in print and I’m just waiting for my copies to be delivered and then I’m heading into my daughter’s grade four class for an author visit to do a reading! I never imagined my first reading would be from a kids’ book I wrote! We’re already talkingDragon_print sequels!

This is turning into a long post and I’ve already finished my tea.

I’m looking forward to February. The kids have lots of school activities coming up and I’ll be beginning the new writing projects – the ones that are keeping me awake at night! What about you? What are your plans for the month? Enjoying the winter so far or already dreaming of spring?

It’s time for a second cup of tea and maybe some toast to go with it, so I’ll leave you now, with happy thoughts about your weekend and the week ahead.