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I’m posting the latest review for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd because it’s a good one!  And because Charlotte’s only 99 cents for a limited time!

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Fistfights, car chases, and secret spy organizations? This isn’t a normal night for Charlotte.

Office worker Charlotte steps out of a movie theatre and into a heap of trouble. Her boyfriend is away; she’s been having strange dreams full of exciting adventures, even though that’s the last thing she’s looking for. She’s happy with her uneventful life.

So why isn’t she running away from the two big thugs threatening the cute guy on the street? How did she learn to drive like that? And how did she get on a private jet full of secret agents…and they’re calling her by name! But more importantly, who’s the hottie with the blue eyes and why does he seem so familiar?


This is an enchanting chick lit read filled with fun and intriguing characters. It is a quality story full of elaborate twists and turns. I couldn’t put The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd down. I was hooked right from the beginning and read it almost straight through, but I finally decided I had to turn the light off at two in the morning.

Charlotte Dodd is an interesting and decidedly different character. She lives, what she thinks, is an ordinary life until she finds out otherwise through a series of crazy events. I love the way author, Holly Kerr, wrote the character Charlotte, she is charming and full of surprises. All the characters in this book are well written, interesting and fascinating. They are fully developed and believable.

The plot is remarkable, different and very enjoyable. Holly Kerr has one fantastic imagination and the creative ability to put her thoughts into a awesome book. There are so many things going on in this story, but it all flows together nicely and makes perfect sense. The book is written with skill and talent and a very unique voice.

This is a perfect chick lit read with all the important qualities of an amusing, lighthearted and pleasurable book for women. There is danger, deception, spies and so much more in this fun filled fast-paced read.

I read a lot of chick lit style books, but The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd takes the cake. It’s that good.
I highly recommend it to all women that love an entertaining, amusing story that has it all.

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The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd features on Jersey Girl Book Reviews today

The Serect Life ofCharlotte Dodd cpl tourI’ve taken The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd on a blog tour with CLP Tours! This is the last day of my tour and today I’m featured on Jersey Girl Book Reviews.  I thought I’d share the guest post and review!  Another 4 stars!

Jersey Girl Review: The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

 Book Review:

The Secret Life of Charlotte DoddWhat’s a girl to do when she doesn’t remember that she has a secret life …. as a spy?!

Author Holly Kerr weaves an intriguing chick lit tale with a spy thriller twist that will easily keep the reader engaged and guessing what will happen next.

Set in Toronto, twenty-seven year old Charlotte “Lottie” Dodd takes the reader along for the ride when her quiet life is turned upside down after she helps a man named Benjamin “Benjy” Lionel get away from two big Russian mobsters. A touch of deja vu and a wild car chase through the streets of Toronto leads Charlotte and Benjy on a wild adventure, and it gets even crazier when Charlotte’s flashbacks become reality when she is told that she is really a spy for the Canadian government, and that her services are needed because her family is in danger!

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd is a fast paced and action packed tale that follows Charlotte as she tries to remember her past secret life in order to save her family and the agency from a rival secret intelligence organization that views them as a threat and is trying to destroy them. As the story unfolds, the reader is kept on their toes with intriguing twists and turns that will keep them guessing what will happen next to this sassy spy during her crazy adventure.

The story starts out slow and is a bit confusing as the reader tries to figure out what the heck is going on with Charlotte, but then the author turns it up a notch and gets the reader engaged when Charlotte is told about her past and the secret life that she has led as a spy. That’s when the thrilling adventure begins as her recollections resurface and she has to sort out the questions involving her family, her boyfriend Luke, and the rival organization that is after her family.

So if you are interested in reading a chick lit tale with an intriguing twist added into the mix, then look no further, The Secret Life of Charlotte Doddis the book for you!

Guest Post

 Getting to know me

One of the nicest parts about gong on a blog tour is being featured on different blogs, being able to do interviews and guests posts. Like this one! Authors are always looking to find new readers and a great way to do that is let the potential readers get to know you, the person behind the books.
So let’s get to know me.
The most important thing, the reason I’m visiting Jersey Girl Book Reviews Is that I wrote a book. I’ve written a few actually, but my fourth and latest novel, is The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd. It’s about a spy who had her memory wiped and needs to remember her previous life in order to save the man she loves. I call it chick lit/spy thriller because there’s lots of action.
When I don’t have my author hat on, I’m wearing my mommy cap. I have three amazing kids running havoc in my life. That’s also very important to know about me. I’m a mother first, writer second, but since I’m here promoting my book and not my kids, I thought I’d put the writing first!
My eldest daughter thinks I’m weird, which translates in me having a greater than average knowledge of pop culture, including super heroes, Star Wars and Joss Whedon television shows. In the eyes of a fourteen year old, this knowledge apparently makes me a geek. I’m okay with that moniker.
The number one thing on my bucket list is to run a marathon. I’ve come close – if you consider finishing a half marathon close. I’ve actually run three halves and I’m thinking this may be the year I make it all the way. Running relaxes me and it’s a great time to plan out my novels. I don’t plot out my books, but I do need some time to plan out scenes or get into the heads of my characters. Plus, the exercise does a great job offsetting the glass of wine I enjoy while cooking.
Along with the running, some other things I enjoy are cooking (I make the best mushroom risotto), movies (one of the reasons I have that geek thing going on), spending time in my gardens and spending time with friends. We live in a great neighborhood and got into the habit of inviting neighbors over on Friday nights for wine and pizza. The kids run around in a pack, the adults get to unwind and socialize after the week at work and everyone has a good time.
Along with my three other novels (since I’m on a book tour, let’s go ahead and talk about all of them, shall we?) Unexpecting, Coming Home andAbsinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder, I’ve also written a children’s book. I wrote The Dragon Under the Mountain for my kids’ Christmas present last year. They always complained about not being able to read my books, so I decided to write them one, and gave them a starring role. I read a few chapters to my youngest daughter’s class, and I’ll also be going on a ‘Dragon Tour‘, visiting a few classrooms in the area.
So that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself!

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