Merry Christmas kids! (A little late but here’s your new dragon book)

The second Dragon book is finally ready!

The Dragon Under the Dome available today!!

There’s another dragon.
It’s been two years since Emma, Matt, Macy and their friends Kass and Dash saved the dragon under the mountain. 
They never expected to see Archer, Gideus, or the others again. But when Archer shows up during a Blue Jays game, the kids are ready for another adventure. This time they travel to Archer’s world, but it’s not at all what the imagined.
Evil owls, giant squirrels and talking unicorns. And dragons. Not to mention faeries trying to take over the world.
The kids’ powers return in the new world as they join forces with Gideus and the other to try and defeat the dark faeries. 
But did they make it worse by being there?

Get your copy now!

(And there will be a third book, but hopefully it won’t take me as long to write it!!)

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