Have you read my Charlotte Dodd series yet?

I’m working on book three so check out the series so you’ll be ready for new adventures with Charlotte!

Jena, from Jena’s Books says:

Author Holly Kerr has created a fabulous new genre “Women’s Adventure Chick Lit”. Yes, there’s some foodie elements, and some kissing and good-looking guys but what makes this an over-the top- exciting new read is the non-stop action, intrigue and adventure. And the stars of this thriller are strong, purposeful, beautiful… women!

Since her divorce, Tenley has been living a careful life and is an involved and nurturing mother of her young daughter. She also has her own café business and that’s the extent of her world. Tenley’s friends, her daughter and even her ex-husband organize an intervention to get her to lead a bolder life. Turns out they succeeded!

One weekend, Tenley agrees to a first date with Colin Firth, an Englishman who seems shy, nervous and friendly. The date begins with awkward conversation and a drink at a pub. And that’s the best part of this first date. The rest of the weekend brings non-stop action thriller spy missions for Tenley! Really!

“This is definitely the worst date I’ve ever been on. I’ve been assaulted, crashed a car, and kidnapped at gun point.”

Tenley has been chosen to receive the memories of another woman spy, Charlotte Dodd, aka “Canada’s favorite spy”. I applaud the author for this creative plot twist. Charlotte’s story was covered in an earlier book in this series, which I have not read. This didn’t stop me from being captivated by the story. I look forward to reading more books about Tenley- will any of the men she met turn into something special? Will she continue in the spy business?

In addition to the good character development, solid action writing and thriller plot, I also enjoyed the quotes that started each chapter, such as “Don’t be a woman who needs a man. Be a woman a man needs.” Grab this best book about the worst date!

And don’t forget The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd – Only 99 cents this weekend!

An Amazon reader says:

Let me start by saying Author Holly Kerr knows how to write! From page 1 to page 389, I did not want to put the book down. Holly hooks the reader right at the start of her story with the lead character- a five foot one inch, 109 pound cute little blonde that does not shy away from danger.

This action packed book is filled with intrigue and deception, a family of spies. If this sounds like a combination you would enjoy, I would recommend Holly Kerr’s book, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd.

Stay tuned for more info on the third book!!


More about The Best Worst First Date Ever!

Yes, my latest book came out yesterday and I’m still pretty excited.

Meet Tenley. Isn’t she pretty? The cover, not just the girl 🙂

So happy I went with Sue Traynor for the cover pic; so glad my revised Charlotte covers have had such positive feedback.

So happy I didn’t throw away my WIP of Charlotte way back when!

Yes, The Best Worst First Date Ever is a sequel to The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd, but can be read as a standalone. I’d prefer you to read the whole series, including the prequel The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd. Charlotte is pretty special to me and I’ve already started working on the next book. I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m pretty happy about a lot of things today!

I’ve gotten my first sale out of the way, and have some reviews popping up already.

Want to see what readers are saying?

I’m excited about that too!  5-star reviews so far!!!! Here’s two of them. And yes, I’m tooting my own horn because I deserve to pat myself on the back!

Excitement, fast action and a touch of romance

“This book is every bit as good as the first one. It stands on its own, so don’t worry if you didn’t read the other.

Tenley is a single mother and a co-owner of a restaurant. She has no time for dating. But her family and friends think otherwise. Even her nine-year-old daughter chimes in. So when a good-looking, seemingly shy customer asks her out, she accepts. Thus begins the best, worst first date ever. I think that’s a fair assessment. Colin Darcy (Now, why do I love that name?) seems to be a likable guy. But the date quickly goes bad in ways that will make your head spin. From then on, the action is nonstop. I’m with everyone else. I kept switching my view of Colin, back and forth. The ending was very satisfactory but left me longing for more adventures. I will be waiting for more books from this author.

I highly recommend this book. And if you haven’t read the first, grab it. You’ll love it.” 

Action chick lit! 

“This book was nonstop excitement from beginning to end. At first, it seemed like a typical chick lit novel: Tenley is a single mom going out on her first date in a long while with a geeky but cute British guy. But then during the date, things take a really unexpected turn, and it ends up being the craziest date ever.

I loved Tenley’s tenacity. Even though she’s a civilian, she doesn’t just let things happen to her… she takes action. I loved Colin, although I spent the entire book trying to figure out if he was a good guy or bad guy. The action was rapid in this book, and there wasn’t one dull page. I couldn’t stop reading to find out what would happen next.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys chick lit with an action twist!”

Get your copy of The Best Worst First Date Ever now. Or if you want to start from the beginning, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd is still only 99 cents.


#throwbackthursday – How I refused to give up on Charlotte Dodd

It’s Throwback Thursday!!

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd released January 2016; the prequel, The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd came out last November.

Like the pretty new covers? Thanks Sue Traynor!






And now it’s time for the sequel – The Best Worst First Date Ever!

Pre-sale begins tomorrow!! Until then, here’s a guest post from back in 2016, from my blog tour for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd!

How I refused to give up on the character of Charlotte Dodd.

One of the spots on my blog tour with CLP Blog Tours was Connect with Click Lit Club. Here’s the guest post featured on the site.

I really think I’d like to be a superhero.

holly kerr1Or maybe a secret agent. Nothing too dangerous of course. I am a forty-something mother and I like to think my kids still need me around! But have you ever wondered … wanted … fantasized a bit about having a little more excitement in your life? A little danger? Have you thought about what it would be like to jump out of a plane onto the roof of a building, sneak in, have to fight your way through the bad guys with such awesome moves that you manage this with your hair still in place and not a bruise on your body to rescue your man or someone equally deserving?

I have to admit, I have had such daydreams.

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

Original cover

And that’s why I wrote The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd.

I’m not a violent person in any means. I’m an average, baseball mom of three. I’m an author. And one of the more enjoyable aspects of being a writer is that you get to imagine your characters (yourself!) in all sorts of situations.

Creating Charlotte Dodd

I first came up with the idea for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd years ago. I had finished writing my first novel (then titled Baby! Baby? Baby?!, now Unexpecting), a chick lit novel about a woman who wants to have a baby, and was debating what my next book would be. At this time, I had been quite taken with the Jennifer Garner show Alias. Watching the show – along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another of my favourites – really strengthened my little secret agent/super hero fantasy. I loved the idea of a strong, confident, independent woman being able to take control of any situation.

There were a few moments in those two television shows that inspired The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd. Sydney Bristow sucking the air from a submerged car tire keep from drowning. A car doing a 360 turn during a car chase. And Buffy’s signature fight move – rolling back onto the shoulders and flipping to her feet. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do things like that?

And that’s when I came up with the character of Charlotte Dodd. She was part Sydney Bristow, part Buffy with a little Jason Bourne thrown in.

She would be an agent with a super-secret government organization. She was recruited at a very young age and from a family of spies. Her grandfather was the co-creator of the National Intelligence and Information Agency, a super secret government organization that catapulted Canada to the forefront of worldwide espionage. (I know, I know – Canada? Fiction, remember?!)

I came up with other characters – Charlotte’s brothers and their roles in the NIIA, fellow agents Benjy and Payton. I came up with a bit of a love triangle with Ham and Luke. I devised the fight scene where she first meets Benjy, who reminded Charlotte of Neil Patrick Harris. You can tell how long ago I first came up with the story because the early reversions mention Neil Patrick Harris’ childhood character, Doogie Howser!
And that’s where the story stalled. But never forgotten, never far from my thoughts. I had all these characters – I had Charlotte – and they needed something to do.

Charlotte Dodd – Vampire Hunter?

Over the years, Charlotte has stayed with me but the story has gone through a lot of changes. I wrote at least five versions of Charlotte, trunking each one. Charlotte lost her memory, got it back. One memorable version had Charlotte as part vampire, which made her an excellent vampire hunter!

And then last year, after my third book was published – Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder – I pulled Charlotte out again. I had found critique partners and I needed to give them something to critique! This time, Charlotte was still a spy but had no memory of her time as a secret agent. I took few parts of my original story and started again.

I think this is the best revision of Charlotte I could have come up with. She’s a character that I fell in love with, one who wouldn’t leave me alone. It’s been over ten years since I first came up with the idea of Charlotte and so finally publishing the story was a very happy moment. It was great to finally finish what I started so long ago, and let my daydreams of the life of a secret agent run wild!

But Charlotte wasn’t enough for me. I’m ready for my next mission. I’m working on a sequel!

For the full post, check out Connect with Chick Lit Club