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The Secret Life of Charlotte DoddChick lit meets spy thriller!
Charlotte Dodd is having a bad day.
After taking an experimental drug to erase her memories of saving the world (or at least the country – several times) Charlotte is given a new life – a quiet, unassuming job, a second chance at love with Luke, and no one trying to kill her.

Two years later and with no recollection of saving the world, she steps in to help a random stranger and is amazed at the ease in which she dispatches her opponents using a rolled-up magazine. But how is that possible? She has Buffy-like fight moves, fires a gun with deadly accuracy and can use the air from car tires to keep breathing underwater.

When she meets Ham – why is he so familiar? The flashes, the déjà vu, the dreams – they’re not really dreams? Blowing up a building in Mexico, being buried alive – those things really happened to her? And what is her brother doing flying a plane? Turns out those two years of quiet with Luke was really an undercover mission to help bring down a secret organization targeting her family.

Charlotte needs to remember her secret life if she wants to save the world again and the only man she’s ever loved.

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