#weekendcoffeeshare – Heartbreak, Halloween and Star Wars Excitement

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#weekendcoffeeshare – Heartbreak, Halloween and Star Wars Excitement

If we were meeting for coffee – tea for me – I’d tell you I’m heartbroken at the loss the Blue Jays suffered last night at the hands of Kansas City, but grateful and happy at how well the boys in blue played this season. It was a great ride! Unfortunately, I’m having trouble looking at Facebook this morning because I’m still angry at that kid who caught the home run ball!

IMG_3727If we were meeting for coffee I’d tell you I finally get to finish decorating my house for Halloween today! Little S has been champing at the bit to but I told her we had to wait until after the baseball was finished because Daddy had already decorated. This is how our house has looked for the last few weeks.  Hubby added some embellishments last night. The poster is a cartoon Jays poster from the 80s someone gave to us! Anyone want some rally towels!!

I’m a bit sad at the lack of enthusiasm for Halloween this year in my house. Little S is all for it, and IBoba Fett and Princess Leia have my Princess Leia costume ready to go, but K and S aren’t really showing the trick or treating love anymore. 🙁 It’s the age, 13 & 12, but I thought I’d have a few more years. I’ll have to put more effort into it to make up for it!

Speaking of Princess Leia, I have to confess I have already purchased my tickets for Star Wars!  I was telling my hubby this, and he was like -“this is for next Friday?” He laughed when I told him, no, the movie doesn’t open until December 18. I am I geek, a proud Star Wars fan who will be in the audience on Dec. 18 at 10:30 in the morning to see how awesome Han Solo still is!!

I don’t think I’ll wear the costume though. Maybe I’ll take my lightsaber!

IMG_3728If we were meeting for coffee, I would want to bring my mug rug to use. Isn’t she awesome? A friend made it and sent it to me.  Thanks again Nita!  Love it!


Have a great weekend and a good week leading up to Halloween!!!