Hard at work and – SQUIRREL!

What distracts you?

I read a writer’s blog the other day about what distracts her while writing and came to the conclusion that just about ANYTHING can distract me.


For example:

My desk is right by a window, looking onto the street. Do you have any idea of the interesting things that go on outside?

  • birds
  • how much rain has fallen
  • how my flowers have grown
  • construction workers across the street. And they’re not even that attractive!
  • people walking on the sidewalk
  • class of kids walking on the sidewalk (We live very close to the school and kids passing by usually results in me getting up and opening the door to go out and say hi if it’s one of my kids’ classes)
  • whether that dog is pooping on my lawn and whether the owner is about to scoop

What else can distract me?

My phone. And this is sad because I can count on one hand the people who regularly text me during the day. And yet, I still check to see if I’ve missed a text or BBM even though the phone has never left my side!

The wrong song. Not even a bad song, because I made the playlist and even though it’s at least 24 hours worth of music, I like all of the songs. But maybe it’s too slow, or too upbeat, or I’m writing a sexy bit and I need that song from the Weeknd, or maybe I just need to sing along to ‘Castle on the Hill’ for the umpteenth time.

It’s a good song. Good to sing along to. Plus I’m currently crushing on Ed Sheeran. That hair. Let’s look up baby pics of him…

See what I mean?!

Some days I’m motivated to work through the distractions. (All right, hardly ever)

All I can say is that I’m incredibly lucky that I love what I do and I work from home, because if I was in an office, who knows if I’d get any work done!

And now I’m posting this in the middle of a rainy Friday afternoon to see if I can distract you! 🙂

Don’t forget –

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Coming Home, make sure you get it this weekend before the price goes up!!




What happens when you can’t write?

Not when you physically can’t write, or when situations arise that takes you away from it. Or even the dreaded writer’s block. I mean, what do you do when you’re at the computer, ready for a full day of creating, with a deadline looming, and you can’t concentrate?

dory distractionEverything seems to be distracting me today. My son’s dragon sounds like he wants to be let out of his cage, and I need to follow him around. Who is on Facebook? Look who mentioned me on Twitter! I should really check if Charlotte is available on Amazon.ca yet. (fyi – it’s not but should be soon. It’s available through the other amazons.) I read a post on loglines and bang – needed to come up with new ones for my books. And then, what do you know, I came up with a new blurb for Charlotte. I had to message someone about going on a ‘Dragon Tour’ – heading to a few classrooms this spring. Is it time for another tea? Look at the kids out for a walk outside my window!

I almost started cleaning.

And the silly thing is, I needed a good day of writing. Yesterday was amazing – almost fourteen pages completed (I’m not sure what my record is) and I wanted another one of those days. I have my calendar marked with release dates (this isn’t for Holly books, although I wish I had been distracted by my new WIP – I need to work on that) and they are LOOMING. I need to write – a lot.

But nothing. A sentence here, a paragraph there. Here’s some dialogue…snoopy

What do you do when they happens?

Well, for me, I need to stop trying before I drive myself crazy and end up with a completely wasted day. When I can’t get into my writing, I need to step back and look at what I’m writing.  Is this scene relevant? Am I boring myself, because if I am, I’m definitely going to be boring the reader. I need to skip ahead, to a scene or a chapter than grabs my interest and needs to be written right now.

And if that doesn’t work, I need to find another project to work on and give it another try tomorrow.

Or, since it’s Friday afternoon and the kids are now home from school and there’s lots of snow and it’s not too cold out, I could take them tobogganing!

Have a great weekend!