Top Ten Tuesday – Book Boyfriends

Who’s on your list of book boyfriends?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the folks at The Broke and The Bookish because they like lists!

Today’s post from The Broke and the Bookish was Top Twn Book Boyfriends. The last time I had made a list of book boyfriends was back in 2015. Here’s the original list, in red. And here’s what I think about my choice now!

Top Ten Book Boyfriends

In no particular order:

Colonel BrandonSense and Sensibility  I always thought Marianne was crazy for not scooping him up at the start! I’m still on board for Colonel Brandon. In fact, I will add another Alan Ruckman character to the list. Even though he wasn’t a boyfriend, Severus Snape’s love for Lily Potter was never-ending and truly heart-breaking.


Jamie FraserOutlander, Diana Gabaldon  He can do anything.  He would do anything for you! I still agree with this one as well, but need to add someone to the list of ‘Will do anything for my woman list’ – Roarke, from the J.D. Robb In Death series. Yes, he’s a husband now, but the man will do anything for Eve Dallas, including buying her a pair of $6000 boots!!  

Stu RedmanThe Stand, Stephen King  I have had a crush on Gary Sinise ever since he played Stu in the mini-series way back when!  There’s talk to do a movie of the book and I can’t wait to find out who plays Stu! I have no idea whether they’re still doing a movie, but I do still love Stu.

Jake BriganceA Time to Kill, John Grisham  Yes, I was crushing on the character even before I watched the movie!! Eh – not sure I’d include him now.

Rupert Campbell-BlackRivals, Jilly Cooper  Rupert began as quite the shit in Cooper’s Riders, but it’s fun watching how he’s been redeemed by the love of a woman I still love the character of Rupert, but he is really a crappy boyfriend/husband! He cheated on Taggie in Mount – off the list!

Dexter – Something Borrowed, Emily Giffen  Even though he cheated on Darcy, because Darcy really needed to be cheated on! (I know that’s not nice!) Good boyfriend for Rachel, but a bit too boring to make in on the present day list. To replace him, I’d suggest Henry, from Emma Chase’s Royally Matched. Or Leo, from Alice Clayton’s Nuts. Both have a little more excitement to them.

Laurie –  Little Woman  Still so sad Jo never married him! Okay, Laurie can stay

PeetaHunger Games  Team Peeta all the way! Obviously, I was reading Hunger Games at the time I wrote this! 

ChubsDarkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken  Liam is almost too perfect, so I go for Chubs Uh, I can’t remember Chubs so I should maybe take him off the list! 

Neville LongbottomHarry Potter  It was almost Ron but Neville needs some love.  Plus, he grew up so nicely. I agree, but I’m going to add Remus Lupin to the list. Him and Tonks – sigh! 

I’m adding Augustus Waters, from The Fault of Our Stars.

Also, Rhysand, from The Court of Thorns and Roses series.

What about you?  Who are your favourite book boyfriends? 

Is that 10? How about you? Who’s on your list?