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Happy June!

I’ve¬†been neglecting my blog again. ūüôĀ My bad. But here’s a bunch of stuff for you.

I took part in the Chick Lit Chat Book Boyfriend Blog Hope and Giveaway and while J.B. didn’t win (pout pout), it was fun checking out the potentials.

Congrats to Arlen (and Geralyn Corcillo) for coming out on top. And Kathy Davis won the Kindle Paperwhite with all those books!

Reviews for Coming Home

I’ve got some amazing reviews for Coming Home and I’m so happy how the story affected the readers. This has to be one of my favourite

This One Pulls On The Heart Strings, BEWARE!!!,
Oh, my word, Ms. Kerr has graphically and dynamically developed in book format the intricacies that develop between sisters. While reading this book, I found myself sobbing due to the loss of my own sister, and wishing that I could take back the many hurtful things said to her during her life. To say I was pulled into the story is putting it mildly. Her characters could have been pulled from my family tree, they were spot on with all of the human frailties and insecurities as well as the pride, love and all of the other emotions that are experienced in a lifetime. I only am sorry that this book wasn’t longer, it was that good. Not very often do you find a book that hits that spot in your own psyche that makes you remember, regret and finally resolve long held issues in your own soul.
I was provided a ARC copy of the book for honest read and review.

Have you got your copy yet? Check out the Goodreads Giveaway for your chance to win a copy.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Coming Home by Holly Kerr

Coming Home

by Holly Kerr

Giveaway ends June 22, 2017.

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at Goodreads.

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And if you’re getting a¬†copy of Coming Home, why don’t you pick up Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder before I remember to stop the sale!!

Kerrazy Korner Library

Look at what’s on my corner!!

I’ve wanted a little library for years. I can’t walk by one without taking a look. So thanks to my awesome Dad, I now have one of my own!

And I put signed copies of Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder and Unexpecting with the original¬†Baby! cover and ¬†Absinthe only lasted one day!

Have you ever ‘borrowed’ from a corner library?


#ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Chick Lit Chat present – Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

And what appeals to women more than the trials and usually very funny tribulations of women’s lives?

A great book boyfriend!

Welcome to the Chick Lit Chat Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

Chick Lit Chat is made up of an amazing group of writers who live, breathe and more importantly, write chick lit. And we want to celebrate International Chick Lit Month with an awesome event and giveaway.

We want YOU to help us pick the best book boyfriend.

We’ve all picked the book boyfriend who we feel deserve the title of Best Book Boyfriend. Hop over to the other sites on the list and check out who the competition is. When you have all 30 names, email¬†for your chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, complete with 30+ books from the participating authors.

It’s a great way to find your new, second favourite¬†author! (Because I’m your favourite, right!? :))

So who’s my candidate for Best Book Boyfriend? Is it Hamilton Short, the sexy handler/long forgotten boyfriend of Charlotte Dodd? ¬†Or Seamus Todd, the ex-boyfriend of Brenna Ebans, and current boyfriend of her sister Cat? There’s tons of possibilities in Unexpecting – J.B., Cooper or even David Mason, the best ex-boyfriend ever.

Who’s it going to be?


Hop over to the other sites and check out more Book Boyfriends! Collect all 30 names and email with your list and your pick for Book Boyfriend and enter to win a Kindle Paperwhite complete with 30 chick lit books from these authors!!!

Good luck and may the Best Book Boyfriend win!

Get your copy of Unexpecting today!

Quick…the sequel is coming!!