Pretty New Charlotte Covers!

New Covers!

I decided to become an independent author because I like having control over every aspect of my books. My mother says I’m a bit of a control freak, and maybe she’s a little right. I’ve gone the agent route and I’ve done the publisher thing and this is what works for me. Thanks to Three Birds Press, I can publish when I want, decide on the price and have the last say in covers and marketing – three things that traditional authors often have no control over.

But having great power comes great responsibility.

And it isn’t always fun!

Like deciding to change the cover on one of my most beloved books.

No, it’s not the first time I I’ve made a big switch. Both Unexpecting and Coming Home got a new look because I changed publishers. And Absinthe needed a fresh look because as must as I loved the shot of absinthe, it really didn’t highlight the story’s fun side.

And yes, those who have read it an attest that despite the doozy of an ending, Absinthe is a fun read.



How to update Charlotte’s Look?

I found myself with the same problem for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd and the prequel. I refer to my series as action chick lit. A fun and feisty heroine trying to sort her life out during an action-packed 24 hours, full of car chases, fight scenes, and secret missions.

The original covers are dark with a blonde girl holding a gun. Well, Charlotte is blonde, but the story is light and fun and there really isn’t that much gun play.

It’s chit-lit – those pastel covers showing fav shoes and purses, about women trying to figure out their lives.

Because Charlotte really belongs in that genre, I thought it was time for a change.






Ta-Da!  What do you Think?!









Changing a cover is scary! How do I know what’s supposed to work? How do I know it’s going to sell better than the original?

And that’s the bottom line – is the new cover going to attract more people, more people that will buy it?

I really have no idea. But I’m the boss here, so my decision is the final one.

Thanks to Sue Traynor for creating such pretty covers and Donna Chaput for helping me put them together!

Hope it works.  What do you think?