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#15funfacts with Holly Kerr

Hello! It’s that wonderful #fridayfeeling again!

If you are in the UK like me, you’ll be lucky to have an amazing hot weekend! Swimsuits out of the closet, and drinks and barbecue to relax!

So… it’s time for our #15funfacts, and this week we have Holly Kerr

Who is Holly Kerr?

Holly Kerr ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick WritesHolly is the author of 5 ½ novels (the ½ is a novella).  She is a small town girl who followed her hubby to the big city of Toronto. (Actually, she drove him home, because he didn’t have a car) They have 3 kids, 4 fish and a bearded dragon, and enjoy happy hour cocktails on their front porch.


What has Holly written?

She writes chick lit (Unexpecting, Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder and Coming Home); action chick lit (The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd, and prequel, The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd) and kid lit for her kids (The Dragon Under the Mountain). Right now, she’s juggling sequels for Unexpecting, Charlotte and Dragon.

Coming Home ~ Holly Kerr ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick Writes

Holly’s latest novel is Coming Home, a book about sisters and small towns, two things she knows about.

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

Inspired by Holly’s often tumultuous relationship with own her sister, Coming Home is the story of Brenna, who ran out of town as quick as her eighteen-year old legs could carry her, and hasn’t been back since. When her life across the country implodes, she has nowhere to go but home to her sisters. Brenna’s return is the last thing youngest sister Cat wants, since she now has Brenna’s ex warming her bed at night. It seems neither Cat nor Brenna has grown out of the sibling rivalry phase.



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holly kerr's books ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick Writes


1. I don’t like a lot of chocolate. No chocolate cake, ice cream or even chocolate martinis. My only weakness is Cadbury Almond bars. Give me a bag of potato chips any day. Actually, don’t because I’ll eat the whole bag without sharing with you!

2. I do like wine, though. Quite a lot.

3. On my personal FB page, I often post pics of my Friday Night Martini. These have inspired more than a few of my friends and relatives to begin their own Friday Martini Night!

4. I like to call myself ‘mother of dragon’ because my son has a bearded dragon for a pet. His name – at least we think it’s a he! – is Spyro.

5. My eldest daughter’s middle name is Riese – named after Riesling, the wine I was drinking the night she was conceived. (Is that TMI? 🙂 )

6. Just so you don’t think all I do is drink, the number one thing on my bucket list to run a marathon. I’ve come close, if you call running a half marathon close. I’ve actually run 3 half marathons, so that means I’ve done a whole one, right?!

7. I really don’t like ants. And I really don’t like it when they come in my house.

8. I like to cook. My mother-in-law says I make the best lasagna, so that’s saying something, isn’t it?

9. I coach my daughter’s baseball team. I used to coach my son’s team but stopped when the boys grew taller than me. My dad used to coach me, so it must run in the family

10. I like to garden. My neighbours often stop by and ask for my advice on what to plant.

11. I have a front yard library, thanks to my dad!

12. My knowledge of Star Wars trivia can rival that of any 12-year old boy. (Very helpful when coaching said 12 year old boys!) Also, can compete with that of many man-child’s.

13. I grew up on a farm in a small village in Southern Ontario, Canada. I live in Toronto now. I guess the country girl vibe is why neighbours ask for gardening advice!

14. I’m a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Actually, a huge Joss Whedon fan. So happy he’s getting the attention he deserves.

15. I’m the mom of 3 amazingly awesome kids


So, which of the #15funfacts about Holly surprised you the most? Have you got any more questions for her? Comment below.

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