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Readers Like Charlotte! They really like her!!!

The Secret Life of Charlotte DoddI’ve been getting some awesome reviews for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd. Thanks to everyone who has read it and a special thanks for those who take the time to review. Reviews are so important to authors, especially indie authors like me without a big name brand behind us (yet! I’m getting there! :))

I am not one of of those authors who say they never read reviews. I read them all – rejoicing over the good ones and not enjoying the not so good ones. Not that there’s been too many bad ones, thank goodness!

Sidenote: do you know how difficult it is not to respond to a reviewer who posts something absolutely crazy about one of my books? 

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Here’s a lovely review I received from Linda of A Blessed Day:

Loved this book! I hope you like your books to start off with a Bang, right off the bat. 

This one does and I really liked that.  And the action just keeps right on coming. It rolls along at a pretty good clip.  I liked the way the author wrote this, we get to ride along with Charlotte as she tries to figure out what is going on.  She has lost so much of her memories and the reader doesn’t know anything at first either.  Kind of puts both of us on the same field as the story unfolds.  Who can you trust?  Who has another agenda?  What has Charlotte (Charlie or Lottie as her brothers call her) done?  What hasn’t she?  How can she even defend herself against any accusations, when she just doesn’t know?  

Early in the story I had some suspicions about 2 different people in the story. Are they up to something more sinister?  Only one of them was I right about but there was also many other surprises ahead.  And the deceit went so much deeper.  
What a great cast of characters that were included in the book.  I really liked both Charley and Ham.  Something that was fun to read was when normal everyday Charlotte suddenly whips out major skills when placed in danger.  It shocked her how much a part of her they were.  She often wondered,”Where did that come from?  It was like a superhero who suddenly found she had a new power. 
This story does end BUT,  I can see where it could continue with new adventures. The door was left open for that.   
One question I would like to see answered was..where is the disk with Charley memories prior to her wipe?  
By the way, I liked the short quotes at the beginning of each chapter.  Often so appropriate to the chapter. 
Btw…Charlotte’s memories will play a role in the sequel, which I’m working on now!!

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd is available print and ebook from Amazon, Kobo, B&N and IBooks (although I never seem to be able to find the link for it)

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