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Love for Charlotte Dodd!

I’m posting the latest review for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd because it’s a good one!  And because Charlotte’s only 99 cents for a limited time!

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Fistfights, car chases, and secret spy organizations? This isn’t a normal night for Charlotte.

Office worker Charlotte steps out of a movie theatre and into a heap of trouble. Her boyfriend is away; she’s been having strange dreams full of exciting adventures, even though that’s the last thing she’s looking for. She’s happy with her uneventful life.

So why isn’t she running away from the two big thugs threatening the cute guy on the street? How did she learn to drive like that? And how did she get on a private jet full of secret agents…and they’re calling her by name! But more importantly, who’s the hottie with the blue eyes and why does he seem so familiar?


This is an enchanting chick lit read filled with fun and intriguing characters. It is a quality story full of elaborate twists and turns. I couldn’t put The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd down. I was hooked right from the beginning and read it almost straight through, but I finally decided I had to turn the light off at two in the morning.

Charlotte Dodd is an interesting and decidedly different character. She lives, what she thinks, is an ordinary life until she finds out otherwise through a series of crazy events. I love the way author, Holly Kerr, wrote the character Charlotte, she is charming and full of surprises. All the characters in this book are well written, interesting and fascinating. They are fully developed and believable.

The plot is remarkable, different and very enjoyable. Holly Kerr has one fantastic imagination and the creative ability to put her thoughts into a awesome book. There are so many things going on in this story, but it all flows together nicely and makes perfect sense. The book is written with skill and talent and a very unique voice.

This is a perfect chick lit read with all the important qualities of an amusing, lighthearted and pleasurable book for women. There is danger, deception, spies and so much more in this fun filled fast-paced read.

I read a lot of chick lit style books, but The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd takes the cake. It’s that good.
I highly recommend it to all women that love an entertaining, amusing story that has it all.

Purchase The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd now.

Pretty New Charlotte Covers!

New Covers!

I decided to become an independent author because I like having control over every aspect of my books. My mother says I’m a bit of a control freak, and maybe she’s a little right. I’ve gone the agent route and I’ve done the publisher thing and this is what works for me. Thanks to Three Birds Press, I can publish when I want, decide on the price and have the last say in covers and marketing – three things that traditional authors often have no control over.

But having great power comes great responsibility.

And it isn’t always fun!

Like deciding to change the cover on one of my most beloved books.

No, it’s not the first time I I’ve made a big switch. Both Unexpecting and Coming Home got a new look because I changed publishers. And Absinthe needed a fresh look because as must as I loved the shot of absinthe, it really didn’t highlight the story’s fun side.

And yes, those who have read it an attest that despite the doozy of an ending, Absinthe is a fun read.



How to update Charlotte’s Look?

I found myself with the same problem for The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd and the prequel. I refer to my series as action chick lit. A fun and feisty heroine trying to sort her life out during an action-packed 24 hours, full of car chases, fight scenes, and secret missions.

The original covers are dark with a blonde girl holding a gun. Well, Charlotte is blonde, but the story is light and fun and there really isn’t that much gun play.

It’s chit-lit – those pastel covers showing fav shoes and purses, about women trying to figure out their lives.

Because Charlotte really belongs in that genre, I thought it was time for a change.






Ta-Da!  What do you Think?!









Changing a cover is scary! How do I know what’s supposed to work? How do I know it’s going to sell better than the original?

And that’s the bottom line – is the new cover going to attract more people, more people that will buy it?

I really have no idea. But I’m the boss here, so my decision is the final one.

Thanks to Sue Traynor for creating such pretty covers and Donna Chaput for helping me put them together!

Hope it works.  What do you think?

What I’m Writing? What is Chick Lit Anyway?

Taking the Guesswork out of Genres-

Chick Lit, to be exact

I call myself an author of Chick Lit books but there may be some out there who don’t exactly understand what that is.

What is Chick Lit?

When I publish my books, there are several categories I can choose to put them in before I hit the magic button to publish.

  • Chick Lit
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Contemporary Women

What’s the difference, you ask?

I think my novels are best classified as Chick Lit, so we’ll start with that. Chick Lit is often defined as books about “stilettos and sexy careers”; women who meet a man who they are destined to fall in love with, no matter how messed up their lives are.

That may be the case, but Chick Lit has so much more to offer.

The characters come in every shape and size and are usually flawed in some way. But no one wants to read about the perfect heroine who has everything going for her, do they? Chick Lit stories tell the tale of personal growth of a woman; there’s no need for a happy ending (HEA) but by the end page, their lives are better than they were at the beginning.

Romance isn’t mandatory, but when it’s included, sex often follows.  But unlike romance novels, the love story isn’t the central focus. And the heat factor can be anywhere from chaste kisses to serious sexy time.

Chick Lit are stories that appeal to women – mainly because they all have one thing in common; the protagonists are women. And it’s good that they have that one thing in common, because chick lit reads range from light and fluffy romance to laugh out loud comedy and gritty tales of heartbreak.

Look at my books, which all fall under the genre of chick lit.

I’ve actually been hesitant to call my books Chick Lit because of the negative stereotypes that have plagued the genre. The origin of the genre was undoubtedly Bridget Jones’ Diary, but after the massive success of the book, the market quickly became over-saturated with authors trying to push their own version of a messed up woman with as many issues as shoes onto a public who was becoming increasingly tired of the British singleton.

Thankfully, these days chick lit novels are more varied and better written.

Yes, better written!

Of course, there are badly written books in every genre, including the Holy Grail of the written word, literary fiction! Chick Lit, with its proclivity for fast-paced, informal and fun pages that often tells rather than shows, has always been quick to find criticisms, often from a public who has never even read a chick lit book!

What it boils down to, is Chick Lit books are about women. They are fresh and fun and always contemporary – the hottest careers, latest fashions (and yes, shoes) and the men often mirror the latest A actors. They have a rap for being frivolous, and irreverent, but should leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling for the characters.

The genre may not be for everyone, but you should definitely try it out before you criticize.

My plan was to compare the genres but this post got away from me. Stay tuned for the next posts on Women’s fiction and rom-com.

And keep reading. Keep reading anything!

(But remember my books are good!)

#15funfacts about me!


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#15funfacts with Holly Kerr

Hello! It’s that wonderful #fridayfeeling again!

If you are in the UK like me, you’ll be lucky to have an amazing hot weekend! Swimsuits out of the closet, and drinks and barbecue to relax!

So… it’s time for our #15funfacts, and this week we have Holly Kerr

Who is Holly Kerr?

Holly Kerr ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick WritesHolly is the author of 5 ½ novels (the ½ is a novella).  She is a small town girl who followed her hubby to the big city of Toronto. (Actually, she drove him home, because he didn’t have a car) They have 3 kids, 4 fish and a bearded dragon, and enjoy happy hour cocktails on their front porch.


What has Holly written?

She writes chick lit (Unexpecting, Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder and Coming Home); action chick lit (The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd, and prequel, The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd) and kid lit for her kids (The Dragon Under the Mountain). Right now, she’s juggling sequels for Unexpecting, Charlotte and Dragon.

Coming Home ~ Holly Kerr ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick Writes

Holly’s latest novel is Coming Home, a book about sisters and small towns, two things she knows about.

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

Inspired by Holly’s often tumultuous relationship with own her sister, Coming Home is the story of Brenna, who ran out of town as quick as her eighteen-year old legs could carry her, and hasn’t been back since. When her life across the country implodes, she has nowhere to go but home to her sisters. Brenna’s return is the last thing youngest sister Cat wants, since she now has Brenna’s ex warming her bed at night. It seems neither Cat nor Brenna has grown out of the sibling rivalry phase.



>>> See all Holly’s books on Amazon <<<<

holly kerr's books ~ #15funfacts ~ This Chick Writes


1. I don’t like a lot of chocolate. No chocolate cake, ice cream or even chocolate martinis. My only weakness is Cadbury Almond bars. Give me a bag of potato chips any day. Actually, don’t because I’ll eat the whole bag without sharing with you!

2. I do like wine, though. Quite a lot.

3. On my personal FB page, I often post pics of my Friday Night Martini. These have inspired more than a few of my friends and relatives to begin their own Friday Martini Night!

4. I like to call myself ‘mother of dragon’ because my son has a bearded dragon for a pet. His name – at least we think it’s a he! – is Spyro.

5. My eldest daughter’s middle name is Riese – named after Riesling, the wine I was drinking the night she was conceived. (Is that TMI? 🙂 )

6. Just so you don’t think all I do is drink, the number one thing on my bucket list to run a marathon. I’ve come close, if you call running a half marathon close. I’ve actually run 3 half marathons, so that means I’ve done a whole one, right?!

7. I really don’t like ants. And I really don’t like it when they come in my house.

8. I like to cook. My mother-in-law says I make the best lasagna, so that’s saying something, isn’t it?

9. I coach my daughter’s baseball team. I used to coach my son’s team but stopped when the boys grew taller than me. My dad used to coach me, so it must run in the family

10. I like to garden. My neighbours often stop by and ask for my advice on what to plant.

11. I have a front yard library, thanks to my dad!

12. My knowledge of Star Wars trivia can rival that of any 12-year old boy. (Very helpful when coaching said 12 year old boys!) Also, can compete with that of many man-child’s.

13. I grew up on a farm in a small village in Southern Ontario, Canada. I live in Toronto now. I guess the country girl vibe is why neighbours ask for gardening advice!

14. I’m a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Actually, a huge Joss Whedon fan. So happy he’s getting the attention he deserves.

15. I’m the mom of 3 amazingly awesome kids


So, which of the #15funfacts about Holly surprised you the most? Have you got any more questions for her? Comment below.

How to contact Holly:

Website      Twitter      Facebook page    Amazon (author page)

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#ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Chick Lit Chat present – Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

And what appeals to women more than the trials and usually very funny tribulations of women’s lives?

A great book boyfriend!

Welcome to the Chick Lit Chat Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

Chick Lit Chat is made up of an amazing group of writers who live, breathe and more importantly, write chick lit. And we want to celebrate International Chick Lit Month with an awesome event and giveaway.

We want YOU to help us pick the best book boyfriend.

We’ve all picked the book boyfriend who we feel deserve the title of Best Book Boyfriend. Hop over to the other sites on the list and check out who the competition is. When you have all 30 names, email for your chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, complete with 30+ books from the participating authors.

It’s a great way to find your new, second favourite author! (Because I’m your favourite, right!? :))

So who’s my candidate for Best Book Boyfriend? Is it Hamilton Short, the sexy handler/long forgotten boyfriend of Charlotte Dodd?  Or Seamus Todd, the ex-boyfriend of Brenna Ebans, and current boyfriend of her sister Cat? There’s tons of possibilities in Unexpecting – J.B., Cooper or even David Mason, the best ex-boyfriend ever.

Who’s it going to be?


Hop over to the other sites and check out more Book Boyfriends! Collect all 30 names and email with your list and your pick for Book Boyfriend and enter to win a Kindle Paperwhite complete with 30 chick lit books from these authors!!!

Good luck and may the Best Book Boyfriend win!

Get your copy of Unexpecting today!

Quick…the sequel is coming!!