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Coming Home

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

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After her cheating husband destroys her career, Brenna has nowhere to go but home.
Home means her four sisters in the tiny Northern Ontario town with no Starbucks and well-meaning townsfolk who know her every move. Every mistake.
And Brenna is making more than a few mistakes. From falling asleep at the local bar to hooking up with her niece’s boyfriend, Brenna’s life is giving the town a lot to talk about.
Her sister Cat wants nothing to do with her. Content living in the family home with the ghost of their mother, Cat’s left a trail of broken hearts and failed marriages on the road to Brenna’s ex, Seamus Todd. Brenna’s return brings back old insecurities and unanswered questions for Cat.
Sibling rivalries, old grudges and a least one knock-out, drag-down kitchen fight ensue as Brenna and Cat are forced to live under the same roof.
And to make it worse, Brenna’s not the only one coming home.

What Readers are saying…

“Coming Home is an enjoyable women’s fiction novel about sisterly relationships that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and will leave a smile on your face.”

“What a heart warming book this turned out to be!”

ebook available Amazon, Kobo, B & N, iBooks

 Read an excerpt here

The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd

Before Charlotte Dodd had a secret life…

A novella; prequel to The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

Before she lost her memories, Charlotte Dodd still has a secret life, but at least she could remember it. She was an agent for NIIA, happy in her new found love for Hamilton Short, and dealing with usual missions like saving the world from killer viruses (why are they always named after animals, like swine and elephant? Gives the animals a bad rap).

But then her brother bursts into her life with a secret for her. After being told her mother died years ago, Seamus tells Charlotte she is still alive and being held against her will.

No proof or anything. Just a sketchy plan to rescue her.

Of course Charlotte heads off with Seamus, going against the NIIA and Ham to find out what really happened to her mother.

Sometimes missing things are better off not being found.

ebook available Amazon, Kobo Nook iBooks 

 The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

Chick lit meet Spy Adventure

My name is Charlotte Dodd. And that’s the only thing I know for sure.

Suddenly today, I’m able to:

  • kick ass using serious Buffy-like fight moves
  • shoot a speeding car with near perfect accuracy
  • know that you can suck the air from the tires after your car goes flying into the lake
  • cars flying into the lake don’t faze me

Alias meets Bourne

I’ve met a group of people who claim to know who I really am. In fact, they’re telling me I work with them as a field agent for the National Intelligence and Information Agency, which is a covert organization deep within the Canadian government. Even though my brothers have confirmed it, I still think they’re crazy. Me – a spy?

I’m ready to walk out of here but the plane has already taken off. And now they’re telling me that my boyfriend Luke has been kidnapped and I’m the only one who can get him back. How can I believe what they’re telling me? And why does the uber-attractive Ham seem so familiar?

What Readers are saying?

“All I can say is wow. This book is one of the best I have read. It is so much fun. It really reminded me of Bond, James Bond. I couldn’t put it down. Please tell me this is the start of a series.”

“I was hooked in just the first couple of pages. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next and I was always surprised!”

ebook and print available at Amazon Kobo B  & N iBooks

Read an excerpt here!

Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Girls night out

Reasons tonight will not go well:

  • Josie is convinced Duncan is cheating on her
  • Lana is still not speaking to Meredith because of the night Meredith spent with Ted. Lana had already left him, but she holds a nasty grudge
  • Lana’s been a bitch to everyone since the divorce
  • Poppy refuses to say what’s wrong, even though they suspect her marriage is falling apart
  • everyone has their secrets they’re refusing to share

Girls night out goes bad

The only thing Josie wants for her 40th birthday is a night out with her closest friends. Dinner, drinking, dancing, just like when they were younger.

But Josie soon discovers that things aren’t the same and secrets and absinthe don’t mix well.

What Readers are saying?

“Absinthe Doesn’t Make The Heart Grow Fonder is an exhilarating roller coaster ride of a tale that could only be told when four women best friends get together for a girl’s night out!”

“These are not your normal group of ladies and these are not your normal secrets you expect to hear”

“… one of those endings where you go…WTF. Did that just happen?”

 Available as ebook and print: Amazon, Kobo, B & N, & iBooks

Read an excerpt here


(Unexpecting was formerly titled, Baby! Baby? Baby!? Same story as Unexpecting – different title and cover!)

If there’s one thing Casey has always wanted, it’s to be a mother

But there’s no one she wants to be the father

And unfortunately, she’s taken the words of a long-dead doctor Dr. Francine Pascal Reid (1941) to heart: “A woman’s prime period of fertility occurs between the years of 22 and 28…after the age of 37, a woman should not attempt to conceive.”

Time is running out for her, or so she believes, and her (obsessive) determination won’t let her listen to her friends telling her she has lots of time. But what to do about the epic relationship fails that dot her past like freckles on a redhead?

Casey has a plan and it involves the best ex-boyfriend who she ever broke up with; who, with perfect rom-com timing, has just walked into her life.

But what about that night with her roommate J.B…?

What Readers are saying…

“I would definitely recommend Unexpected (Baby! Baby? Baby?!) It was delightful, funny and entertaining.”

“Perfect for a bath and wine, or a read on the beach. Be warned, though, that I picked it up and finished it the next day. I was hooked.”

“The first sentence made me laugh out loud.”

 Available as ebook and print! Amazon, Kobo, B & N, and iBooks

Read an excerpt here


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