A love letter to Absinthe (my book, not the alcohol!)

Happy Birthday to Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder!

This week, my novel Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder is having a book birthday! Being as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and since it’s the only book I’ve written with anything about love in the cover (heart? close enough) I’ve decided to write a love letter to Absinthe. The book, not the alcohol, which itself is lovely in many different ways!

Three years ago, I introduced you to the world. I needed to tell the saga of Josie, Lana, Meredith and Poppy to the world. All of these women have a little bit of me in them, and like all my characters, I love them all very much.

I can’t believe it’s been three years!! I’m so proud how you’ve done, how many readers you’ve won over with the story of a night out going so very wrong.

I never meant to have the night go so wrong. It started out as a girls’ night out, full of fun and frivolity, but when I got to the middle, it just needed something else. They started to get serious, and secrets were coming out, things I can’t believe I imagined! Suddenly there were similarities to my very first book written ( and one I’ll never publish!), Get Carter. So I added more; taking the plot and the end of Get Carter and throwing it into the mix.

Kent Carter, the nasty husband of Poppy is my Carter Spaulding, re-imagined and a little more dastardly. He might be a villain, but I loved him from the moment I put him on a page. Fun fact: I loved the character of Carter so much that my son’s middle name is Carter!!

Of course, by doing that, I changed Absinthe from a fun, chick-lit read to something a little darker. I’m still not sure what genre it falls into. One of the reviews on Amazon called it “chick lit with a twist” and that sounds about right. She gave it a five stars so I’ll listen to her!!

Absinthe, you have a very special place in my heart. I may spend more time on Charlotte Dodd, or the reboot of Coming Home, or even the upcoming sequel of Unexpecting, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less.

xo the author


To celebrate Absinthe’s book birthday, I’ve changed the cover for the ebook again, for the third time.  Along with not finding the right genre, I’ve never really found the perfect cover that shows both the light-heartedness of the beginning and the darker ending. I’m not sure there is one! But I came up with this cover to give it a bit of a face lift. And a new blurb.

Best friends never let you down.
That’s not the case with Josie’s BFF’s. Their friendship spans over twenty years and it hasn’t always gone well; Poppy vs. Lana, Lana vs. Meredith, and Josie always trying to keep the peace. But with trouble looming in her marriage, Josie needs her friends around. Her 40th birthday is the perfect excuse for her to look at the cracks in the friendship, and fix them, once and for all. 
A girls’ night out will make everything better. Dinner, dancing…drinking…the night starts out great with the foursome setting out to revisit some of their school day haunts with hilarious results.
And then things get serious. Secrets never mix well with absinthe. Josie wants to revive the friendships, remind the others what they have together, and end the night with the four of them closer than ever. 
It might be too much to ask. 

I also put it on sale for 99 cents if anyone is interested!!  

Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder

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