“Coming Home and Baby! Baby? Baby!?” by Holly Kerr

cover 1 Coming Home and Baby! Baby? Baby!? by Holly Kerr

When Casey Samms decides to have a baby without waiting for the perfect man, she soon discovers that getting what she wants doesn’t always go according to plan!

Coming Home cover 200x300 Coming Home and Baby! Baby? Baby!? by Holly Kerr

Loving your sisters is easy.
Liking them is the hard part

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I’ve written two books that I think you might like, nay love! ¬†Baby! Baby? Baby?! is a fast, fun chick lit read about the trials and tribulations of Casey Samms – a seemingly normal 35 year old driven to distraction by a desire to have a baby.

And Coming Home, a women’s fiction read about Brenna and Kat – sisters who grew up constantly fighting and nothing in common except they both loved the same boy – and how as adults faced by family dramas, the two are forced to live together in the family home, watched over by their older sisters, the entire small-town and the ghost of their mother.

Both are perfect for summers on the beach or dreary November days

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